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The Girl who played with Fire – Stieg Larsson

Now here’s a series problem again. I should really be reviewing The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, since that was the first book, and the one that’s being made into a movie. A movie! With famous people!

The thing is, I didn’t really read Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I listened to it as an audio book, and only sort of, through a Nyquil haze when I had a very bad flu last year, so all I can remember about Larsson’s first book is this; Everyone spoke with a twatty English accent.

If we set the confusing nationality of narrators aside, The Girl who played with Fire is similar in structure and theme to the first book. Someone is wrongly accused of something, computers are hacked, dildos are mentioned and there are Nazis. Really, it’s the perfect book for a long airplane flight to Mexico. It was available in the airport bookstore in paperback, it’s very long so I didn’t finish it on the runway, and it’s shock full of very disturbing sexual imagery so the person sitting next to me now thinks I am a pervert. Win all around!

NOTE: You don’t have to be flying to Mexico when you read this book. You could be flying somewhere else.

MORE NOTE: For a review of Girl with a Dragon Tattoo by a man who read it on an airplane and wasn’t much impressed, go here –  Ezra Dyer. I’ve also heard from several friends who really enjoyed the book while not on airplanes, so there you go.



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Four to Score / To the Nines – Janet Evanovich

I’ve been wondering how to approach series. Do I review each book? All in a series? I just don’t know. I think the proper answer is this: Expect no consistency from me.

Thanks to my lovely mother, who was cleaning out her “already read” book pile and also to a week where I had lots of things to do, and so instead stayed up late reading, I’ve got two of the Stephanie Plum novels under my belt.

Stephanie Plum is a bounty hunter in New Jersey. She has a crazy family, nutty friends and a wardrobe that seems to be mostly spandex. I really like novels that discuss clothes, especially if the clothes are trashy or out of fashion. Stephanie’s are.

The characters in all the Plum novels are pretty common stereotypes and situations: Fat ex-hookers, foul mouthed Italian grandmothers, wimpy Jewish brother-in-laws, pervert bosses, sexy cop boyfriend, unconsummated love triangle with sexy work partner… but they are common characters because they are enjoyable, and Evanovich writes them all with obvious delight.

The mysteries are pretty decent and although I knew who the bad guy was in both novels far before the finale, I still had a pleasant ride to the end.

Speaking of rides, Evanovich may not be the most innovative author in the world, but she has excellent taste in motor vehicles. Like Stephanie’s outfits, cars and bikes are described in great detail. Four to Score introduces us to the fact that sexy cop boyfriend rides a Ducati 916. Sexy cop boyfriend indeed. No wonder there’s so many sex scenes.

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